$1.325 million for family of 94 year old woman for multiple injuries suffered in an auto accident and during subsequent nursing home stay. This unfortunate woman was a passenger in a vehicle that rear ended another vehicle at a high rate of speed. She suffered a fractured femur, a fractured neck, a fractured heel and a fracture of a previously broken hip. She underwent surgeries before she was discharged to a nursing home. There, she was neglected so that she suffered from pressure ulcers and fecal impaction.

The fecal impaction, in turn, led to rectal ulcers that bled significantly. She was returned to the hospital. The bleeding was stopped and she was transferred to another nursing home. Her condition deteriorated and she began to vomit and lose her appetite. She was returned to the hospital where she insisted that a feeding be placed so she could continue to take in nutrition and regain strength. Unfortunately, her condition continued to deteriorate and she died nearly two months after the collision. Defendants were the driver of the vehicle and the initial nursing home.