1. American Association for Homecare:
    This blog focuses on accessing care for people and offers support for people in their homes. They provide information about compliance, trends, education, and training and information for the patients and their families.
  2. Pathway Medical Staffing:
    Pathway Medical Staffing recruits and employs nurse case managers and non-clinical nursing professionals for nursing home surroundings.
  3. Jacqueline’s Patient Advocacy Blog:
    This blog allows and informs patients to navigate and learn the healthcare system.
  4. Suzanne Gordon:
    Suzanne is a writer, speaker and advocate for patients. Suzanne’s blog tackles important issues such as nurse communication and patient care.
  5. RN Patient Advocates, PLLC:
    A collection of RNs who teach people about their health care through advocacy, education, and guidance. The blog dives into issues that RN’s help patients work through.
  6. Caregiver list:
    This blog gives updates on important health care information for the elderly. It helps those who are caregivers appropriately care for the elderly.
  7. ElderLaw Answers:
    This gives an range of answers to some of the legal questions that are faced by the elderly population in the United States. It also gives people information on elder law attorneys across the nation.
  8. Silver Innings – Blog for Senior Citizens:
    This is a universal blog about the elderly, family and caregivers that show what the elderly population around the world is like.
  9. Nurse Virginia Blog by Virginia Garderding, R.N.:
    Virginia talks about elderly care and what the caregivers should anticipate and how the caregivers should treat those they are caring for. Through her blog and book, Virginia shows how to care for the elderly with dignity.
  10. Hospice and Nursing Homes Blog by Frances Shani Parker
  11. Senior Care Blog:
    A inclusive look at resources on the internet for senior citizens, family members and caregivers. There are also links to current events, articles and service providers that seniors can use.
  12. DeathCare.com:
    This site and blog comprehensively covers the death care industry and current events. People who are interested in learning about death preparations, legal implications, living placement, etc. would find this blog helpful.
  13. CareCrunch – Empowering Family Caregivers:
    The caregivers of seniors find this very useful because they have up to date information on new trends and ideas on caring for their clients. Most caregivers provide care for many years and this enlightens them to new ideas so they do not get into the uniformity of day-to-day caring.
  14. Inside Elder Care:
    Ryan Malone, blog author, helps inform the readers to make elder care experiences a positive influence. Ryan has a very personal history of his mother suffering a stroke and the process of healing after with complications.
  15. Home Care Assistance:
    This blog allows professionals in the elderly care business to discuss events, news, problems, that arise within the homecare and nursing home industries. It allows for open and candid communication for people with hands on experience.
  16. Healthcare Whisperer:
    Hari Khalsa writes the Healthcare Whisperer. Hari is a RN who concentrates in natural medicine and healing and provides insights to families trying to pilot the healthcare system.
  17. Nursezone.com:
    Nursezone.com provides nurses with communication that helps with professional development and personal advice. There is constant communication on the site/blog to help nurses at all levels.
  18. North Carolina Estate Planning Blog:
    Gregory Herman-Giddens aides in helping those in nursing homes do their estate planning.
  19. California Health Advocates:
    Based in California, they specialize in Medicare support and education.
  20. My Elder Advocate