If you think your loved one is not getting the care he deserves or is being neglected or abused, call the Illinois Department of Public Health Nursing Home Hotline at (800) 252-4343. You will speak with a representative who will take down your complaint. The Department will send a nurse to the facility to investigate. You should expect an answer in a month or two.

You can also talk with the Ombudsman at the facility. Every facility has an ombudsman who acts as an advocate for the resident. The Ombudsman is not employed by the nursing home; he or she is employed by the State or County. Find out who the Ombudsman is at the facility in which your loved one lives. You can call and ask. Or, it should be posted. An Ombudsman may be able to help immediately with problems like the resident is not being fed or is having clothes or other personal items stolen. The Ombudsman may even be able to help stop abuse or neglect. Find out who the Ombudsman at the facility is. He or she can help.